Posted by: traceyhanson | July 13, 2006

Ok, cause Sasha says…..

My friends, the click. An amazing group of crazy individuals. CH (Bobs), MK (Stormin Sasha), JD (JJ), RT (Chicken), SG, and EB. How we became friends and have remained friends is beyond me. We are such different individuals. What brought us together was the fact that we were all planning our weddings at one point in the last 2 years and visited a local chat board, The Knot, for wedding ideas and advice. Well, some of us….. Chicken was out to make girls cry. JUST KIDDING, kinda. Long story short, we became friends. We have had gatherings at our houses, attended wine tastings, gone to movies, went to Summerfest and we even had a cabin weekend.

I have only known these girls for a short period of time but yet I feel like it has been so much longer. We have come from entirely different walks of life. Different political beliefs, different religious beliefs, different views on children and pretty different careers. Some of us love sports and some of us can’t tell you the difference between a touchdown and a homerun.

They are so strong and supportive. They have such unique personalities. They are beautiful inside and out. And I have learned so much from these amazing women. I have learned that it’s ok to have different opinions and you can have healthy disagreements off these opinions. They have taught me that I should think outside the box once in awhile. I have also learned how to embrace our differences walking away from discussions learning something.

These beautiful women make me feel special and I am thrilled to be part of this girlfriend group. I treasure our past year and look forward to what our future brings.


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