Posted by: traceyhanson | July 31, 2006

A wonderful weekend because of no children

Ok, if we had children we could not have enjoyed this past weekend like we did. Now for all you people out there who have children don’t be offended and make comments like “oh, but if you had children you could have still had fun…….etc.” Yeah, yeah, yeah I know. But guess what? We don’t and so we enjoyed it like this:

Friday night after dinner my husband and I took a stroll down to the Historic Third Ward in Milwaukee for Gallery Night. First we had to stop at this new clothes boutique called Fred. Ladies, if you haven’t been there yet, go now. Cute, classy, trendy yet affordable clothes. Unique and fun. My husband even agreed to go in and was happy he did after they offered us a glass of wine to enjoy while we shopped.

Next we stopped at the Milwaukee Public Market to pick up a spice box from The Spice House for a gift for my mother in law. Note to all, mother-in-law’s love gifts from The Spice House.

Our final stop was New World Wine Company. We really did have every intention of going into some galleries since it was Gallery Night but after this stop, that wasn’t going to happen. First we sampled some great wine from Spain and New Zealand. The wine from Spain was very good and on sale for $9.99 so we decided to buy a bottle. Then my husband thought it would be a great idea to get a 6 pack of The Lakefront Brewery Cattail Ale and drink it down by the river. We found a nice grassy spot on the Riverwalk and each enjoyed a bottle of the hometown favorite beer. And another bottle and then another. We watched the boats go by, talked about the new condos going up, had fun people watching, talked about the new boat we were going to buy (this on our third beer) and just enjoyed the night. We then strolled home along the Riverwalk. By the time we got to our condo the Germanfest Fireworks began and we sat in the MSOE baseball bleachers and watched the beautiful display light up the sky. What a perfect way to end the night.

Saturday morning after my run we packed up our jeep and headed down to Bradford Beach for the AVP Bradford Beach Jam Volleyball Tournament. Volleyball, soccer, dodgeball, rugby, BMX bikes and windsurfing all going on. We went to watch volleyball tournament. Set up our chairs between the center courts, had some beers and watched some fantastic volleyball all day. I’ll post pictures soon. I really got some great shots.

Our Sunday consisted of Church and a family visit followed by playing some volleyball ourselves. As stated in a early post, I need to practice!

We had a wonderful weekend and it was so nice to enjoy the freedom we have. Not there is anything wrong with children and I’m sure they are great but right now we are taking advantage of not having children and enjoy each other.


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