Posted by: traceyhanson | August 2, 2006

My mom said

Ok, I have to make this post cause my mom said. She was reading my blog (uh oh, better keep it clean) and she said I don’t have kids cause I’m having too much fun. Or something like that. She also mentioned that I should make sure I say that I’m not trying to put down people who have kids or that people who have kids don’t have fun. Good point mom. There are some of us who are waiting to have kids, are trying to have kids or just can’t have kids. We have more options to explore because of our freedom. (Is that a bad word to use? Freedom cause I don’t have kids?) Whew, make sense?

Oh and mom is cool. We also talked about how it is annoying that some people think that because they have kids their life has to stop. Sure, your lifestyle has to change but you can still have fun and do enjoyable things. We also discussed how it’s irritating when you have friends that automatically thing they can bring their kids when they are invited to dinner, showers, parties, weddings etc. Why? Why do people automatically assume that? And then when you try to explain to them it’s an adult only situation they throw a fit.

Got some good stories? Share!



  1. Hey Tracey:My personal favorites are the people who give you that sad face when they ask if you have kids and answer no. Then the look changes from sad when they think you CAN’T have kids to shock when you tell them you’re choosing NOT to have kids. We have plenty of kids around us all the time (friends, family, neighbors…they are everywhere!), and we really love those kids, but right now, I couldn’t imagine going down that road. Fortunately, we’ve found a few other DINKs in our crowd, so we have company in our childless existence.

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