Posted by: traceyhanson | August 16, 2006

Spent too much money

Ouch, I spent too much money this weekend. My money and our money. My husband and I have our own personal accounts. We have set amount of money from paychecks that go into our personal savings accounts. Kind of like an allowance. This is nice because we don’t have to report our splurges to the family budget and it means more when give each other gifts. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, the money I spent this weekend came from our joint and my personal. Ouch…..Again.
We started the weekend with a nice dinner at Izumi’s (a sushi restaurant in Milwaukee). Great sushi, great service and a fun atmosphere. I still can’t believe I got my husband to like sushi.

Saturday I decided that I needed some new clothes. My current selection is old and boring. I headed over to Mayfair and wandered aimlessly through the stores. Too cheap, too expensive, too old-lady, too teen…. so frustrating. My final stop was to one of my favorite stores, The Buckle. I was not expecting to find anything because their clothes are usually pretty casual and I needed some clothes for work. Just as I was picking up a very stylish fall sweater, the cutest “sales” girl came up to me and suggested a tank top that would “go great” with the sweater in my hand. Instantly she gained my attention and my trust. I don’t know what it was about her. I explained to her that while I love the style of The Buckle, my workplace was pretty conservative and I needed to keep that in mind while building new outfits. She was amazing. She kept bringing me different outfits, different options, all that were my style and appropriate for work. It was not my intention to buy six new pieces of clothing and two necklaces but somehow I did.
After many weeks of researching I finally decided that I was going to make the biggest electronic purchase I have ever made. (This does not include all the electronics and toys my husband has purchased for the house). Nike and Apple have decided to team up and make one of the coolest running gizmos ever. I least I think so. Nike calls the products Nike+. First you need a iPod nano made by Apple. They come in a 1GB, 2GB or 4GB. The 4GB holds 1000 songs and you can download your outlook calendar, add photos, videos etc. I decided that this would be my first purchase. Wow, this thing is so small. Its as thin as 2 credit cards and about 4 inches high. The iPod nano is very easy to use and Apple provides very user friendly directions on how to use every feature on the nano. I am having so much fun creating music list for work, running and just everyday use. I have even added photos and can customize a slide show.

My next purchase is the Nike+iPod sport kit. This includes a sensor for my Nike shoes that allows my shoes to talk to my iPod. Really, it does. The sensor will also send all my running statistics to a receiver that attaches to my nano. When I get done with my run I will be able to download all the data to my personal training log on

It was fun to spoil myself like this. It’s not everyday that I spend this kind of money in a 48 hour period. And I don’t like to brag about it. But at this point in our lives we can do these little extravagant weekends. And since we don’t have any children we might as well as take advantage of these situations while we still can. Once the children come, no more iPod nanos! Oh, but I did spoil my cat too. She got new litter, a big bag of her favorite flavor of cat food and treats.



  1. Oh no. I should not have read this post. Now I want all those cool gadgets. My husband is going to kill me!

  2. Good for you! You deserve that sometimes. 🙂 As for me: entry-level job + wedding in two months = I haven’t been on a major shopping spree in more than a year = I’m very jealous!!

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