Posted by: traceyhanson | September 11, 2006

Badger Game

Ahhhhh, good times. I wish I could have experienced some Badger games while in college but due to my running schedule at my school I was unable to. My husband, a UW Madison Alumni, has many stories to tell. The last couple of years I have been able to partake in the fun and traditions that surrounds a UW Madison football game. Have you been to a Badger game? Have you experienced all the tradition and rules and chants and songs? So much fun. I took a lot of pictures to share the experience. First you have to tailgate. Burgers, chips, pasta salad, beer and cookies.

The city of Madison is taken over by fans of all ages. As you walk to Camp Randall all you can see is red. The local businesses partake in the game day festivities. The bars roll out the red carpet for a beer thirsty crowd. Djs, bands, food specials, shots and of course beer welcomes crazy Badger fans as they make their way to the stadium. And don’t forget about the house parties that offer you a chance to do a beer bong or just stop by and say hi before the game.

Badger games have so much more to offer than just football. I love football but one of my favorite things about a Badger game is the band. The UW Madison Marching Band. Period. The crowd can be distracted by the band along with the students, cheerleaders, Bucky and many other traditions during the game.

If you have been to a Badger game you may be familiar with all the different traditions that are carried out by the student section. The cheers, the chants, dances, songs, the key shake for kick offs, Bucky’s pushups totaling the score of the badgers, jump around (as seen on National TV), the wave….( FYI it goes regular speed, slow, fast, reverse, and then double reverse. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, get to a game.)
I asked my husband a couple times, “as a student, how did you know what to do or say?”
The new coach, Bret

QB John Stocco

Bucky doing his pushups

The band at halftime. No one leaves.

The “Waterboy” – really

The cheerleaders, and yes, that is the band doing a pyramid.


The tuba march
The start of Jump Around
My favorite fan.

5th Quarter………….Varsity……Sing! (we sang it like 4 times on Saturday.)

Oh yeah, the Badgers won.



  1. greetings from michele… we are in the pac10 area… so i go see Oregon Duck games, and OSU Beaver games. we enjoy the football, but basketball is loads of fun too!

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