Posted by: traceyhanson | October 5, 2006

Getting paid more because you have kids?

This made me so angry. A friend of mine told me that her boss shared with her that apparently they base what they pay their employees on whether or not people have kids. The reason was that people with kids need more money, so they make more, even if the other employees without children work hard, in same position etc.

Isn’t this against the law? What would you do if you found this out at your place of employment?
This makes my blood boil.



  1. That makes me crazy. We live in an age where people are consciously deciding to NOT have children. I think this form of payment for parents is what I will refer to as childisum.

  2. Doesn’t seem right to me either.Here from Michele’s

  3. it is against the law as far as I know in the USesp since people with children can get earn icome on taxes

  4. WHAT????? I believe that’s discrimination!!!!!! That is crazy! I have 2 children and still think that is crazy! UGH!

  5. I know for a fact of a law firm in town that does that “under the table” so to speak. A law firm! I don’t know if it’s sympathy for parents or what, but give me a break. My blood has boiled over this for a while.

  6. Hi…here from Michele’s today!Definitely discrimination, and I would think that it’s against the law. Of course, a company would only get in trouble if it was a known policy, but I’m guessing that it may go on under the table more than we think.

  7. Heh, I’ve heard of companies doing the opposite to try and “buy” loyalty from employees. They think if they pay more, folks will be less inclinded to have a family and more inclined to stay dedicated to the company.Either way, I think it is wrong and I hope things get straightened out.Michele sent me.

  8. This is crazy! You should get paid for the job that you do and that is it. Not your kids or lack of kids.Michele sent me!

  9. First, I came by to thank you for your phone recommendation. Thanks! Now about your post – that has to be against some law. I mean, I have a kid and I am grateful for the extra benefits that my employer had for those parents with young children, such as backup daycare, but there shouldn’t be extra pay for parents. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, employers pay more, generally for employees with children, just due to the need to allow them to take time off for their children’s health issues. I had FMLA for the first two years of my daughter’s life due to consistant ear infections. I missed a lot of work that my boss had to pay under FMLA; if I didn’t have her, those were days I would have been at work. I think you should check with the employment center for your state; they would know the law for certain.

  10. It must be against the law… you’re paid to do a job, not for your personal situation(s)…Michele sent me today!

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