Posted by: traceyhanson | November 9, 2006

I can’t believe I haven’t had anything to say

No excuse, but I’ve been busy. Very busy. I did get a mini promotion at work and that has taken up a lot of my time. Yes, this is a good thing but I’m trying to get adjusted to my new responsibilities.
There have been some issues that I would have liked to blog about – oh lets say the past election and such – but I decided that I am going to keep my thoughts to myself on those issues. Unfortunately a political discussion usually ends up in tempers flaring and people getting hurt. My friends and I usually do not discuss politics but I will admit I have learned a lot from my friends and our discussions that we have had. We are aware of our beliefs and political stances and we have gotten good at stating how we feel and why and leaving it at that. I think on a message board people use it as a place to slam others. I am not going to change the minds of any of you out there so I am going to keep my thoughts to myself. I think it’s tasteless how some people criticize others for how they vote and what they believe. It is my right to believe what I want and vote how I want. Just as it is your right to believe what you want and vote how you want. We don’t have to agree but we don’t have to be rude and critical of each others beliefs.

Now…… about those Packers……UGH.



  1. I often debate politics & current affairs with friends and on my blog, but i try not to argue:-) Obviously, people are going to be passionate about their beliefs, and that is a good thing, but we should all also be willing to listen to others beliefs,and understand why they hold them, and what merit they have. I have been peruaded by others in the past, and think I have sometimes persuaded others to see things from my perspective. that is how we grow as people and as a society. However, i agree that things can sometimes just turn into a personal attack/abuse. i delete such commets and ban their owners from my site. I see no need to bhave like that!here from Michele’s today to put my point forward;-)

  2. PAckers:booMinipromotion: Yay if it comes with $————thanks for visiting

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