Posted by: traceyhanson | January 29, 2007

Fertility Issues

I use to think that it was easy to get pregnant. But I was wrong. I have discovered that there are a lot of couples who have or are having fertility problems. So why don’t we hear about it more publicly? Is it such a private issue that people don’t walk to talk about it? If so, why? Why are fertility problems any different that cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, menopause or any other disease?
Yes, we are trying to have children, no we aren’t going to go into details. But I will say this, it was almost a relief to find out that so many other couples are struggling to have children. It would be nice to talk these people and find out what they have done to be successful. I also think a support system would be helpful as we and others struggle though the roadblocks set before us. I will address these and other fertility issues in the future. Please, feel free to share.



  1. Maybe you’re doing it wrong. Need any help?

  2. Thank you for your insight anonymous.

  3. I had some neighbors that had trouble getting pregnant too. She became a teacher and dedicated her life to children in a different way. I know it’s not the same as having children of your own, but she felt that God wanted her to be apart of the lives of children and this was the way to fulfill it. Keep your head up and you will make it through. With or without a child, you will find God’s path for you and leave your mark on his world.

  4. I am in the same boat…been trying for years, but nothing medically invasive, yet.

  5. I recently found out that close friends have spent several years struggling with infertility issues. They want through a lot of crap, including essentially having the woman’s ovaries burned with a hot poker (I’m sure this procedure is much more complicated and has an official name, but that’s how she described it.) The good news is that through in vitro, they are finally pregnant — with twins! Also, another random anecdote: After trying for a long time, my sister also had to go the in vitro route. Then, surprisingly, she easily got pregnant with her second child the natural way. So don’t give up hope!

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