Posted by: traceyhanson | May 16, 2007

I have not been good at this

I have not been writing as much as I should. No excuse. I actually have been writing all my fertility experiences in a journal, I guess I could post some of those entries, but they may be boring.
My husband and I are very excited for summer. We were teased with 89 degrees yesterday, of course it didn’t last. But it gives us hope.
The husband is still in school and finishing a class. He hopes to finish it by June 7th, the start of Jazz in the Park. He has 3 more papers. I don’t miss school at all.
We are in two volleyball leagues this summer, that will keep us busy. The days we are not playing volleyball I am trying to squeeze in some runs.
We have decided it’s time to try to sell our condo. We love it here in downtown Milwaukee, but it’s time to move West and get a house. We will start casually and see what kind of bites we get.
We also decided to take a couple months off of fertility treatments. It was getting very emotionally and physically draining. I want to enjoy the summer and be myself!
Thats the latest…..


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