Posted by: traceyhanson | May 17, 2007

It’s my birthday Saturday – random thoughts

First of all, Happy Birthday to my sister Jenny. Today is her birthday. Growing up as kids my parents always celebrated our birthdays separately even though the days were only3 days apart . They wanted to make sure we felt our birthday was a really special day. We might have had our grandparents over for a weekend celebration, but on each of our birthdays we had our own cake, own presents and our special requested dinner.

I’m having dinner with four of my best friends tomorrow night. I am really looking forward to our time together. They are the best group of girls. I don’t know what I would do without them. We chat throughout the day via email and experience all of our ups and downs together. They are my rock and my daily laughter.

We are thinking about selling our condo in downtown Milwaukee. Don’t get me wrong, we love it and we love living downtown, but it’s time to make the next big purchase. We have outgrown our place and we are looking forward to getting a house out West (not California West, Waukesha County West) We are going to take it slow at first, no hurry. But if you or if you know anyone that wants to buy a great 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in downtown Milwaukee for under $200,000 let me know.

Oh yes, and children. Still don’t have any and we won’t anytime soon. Our second IUI did not work. It was a very emotional month for me. The hormones have taken over my body, so we have decided to take a month or two off. We want to be stress-free and I want to feel like myself this summer. Am I being a little selfish? Some people may think so, and thats ok. Until they do what I have been doing to my body they have no opinion.

I will be able to continue my blog this summer as being married without children, and thats not all that bad.



  1. Happy Birthday this weekend, Tracey! Hope it’s a good one. You share a birthday with my hubby. 🙂

  2. Hello…I have been reading your blog for a while now and I also have two sets of friends that have been/were/are trying to conceive. One had in-vitro and it was successful. My other set of friends are srill trying to get pregnant but have started looking at adoption. Being an adopted child myself I have shared the story of my parents. They were married for over seven years and had tried to get pregnant. They decided to adopt and then pretty soon after became pregnant. They put their names on the adoption list again and got pregnant soon after that. I think it’s a pretty special story. Don’t give up. Keep the faith. 🙂~Melissa

  3. Where are the birthday pictures?!

  4. Be careful moving to the Waukesha area. I moved there after living on the East Side for 7 years. Two years later, I was back on the East Side. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed the local restaurants, bars, festivals, and parks in Milwaukee. Waukesha/Brookfield/New Berlin all have some nice parks, but you better like chain restaurants, because good locally-owned places are few and far between. Plus things really shut down at about 8:00pm each night and it gets old driving to Milwaukee to have fun each weekend.

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