Posted by: traceyhanson | June 6, 2007

Washington Island

I don’t remember if I have ever posted about Washington Island. “The Island” is located north of the tip of Door County. My in-laws have a place up on the Island and my first visit was back in 2003. I fell in love with the place right away. There is nothing fancy about the Island. It’s quite simple and a little behind the times. But that is what makes it so special. The in-laws have a beautiful house on the lake facing East. We spend a lot of our time up there helping them do work around the house. I love to mow the lawn and it’s a great workout for me. I usually do it after a 5 mile run which I get to run in the middle of the streets because there is hardly any traffic. We also help plant flowers and bushes, take down trees, cut wood and burn. After our chores we have a “moment” with an Island Wheat Beer. Of course we also over eat with great meals done on the grill.
We “meet” a lot of different animals including large spiders, long snakes, deer, many different kind of birds, and much much more. Here is a picture of one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen outside of the zoo.My brother-in-law, my husband, father-in-law and I love to go to the driving range and see how good (bad) we are at golfing.
The boys hard at work and I’m planting flowers.



  1. I’ve been following your blog and just wanted to let you know you’re in my thoughts. You are completely right – no one has the right to pass judgment, even if it’s something they have been through (in my opinion). People react differently to things.Regardless, look forward to your posts throughout the summer!

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