Posted by: traceyhanson | June 19, 2007

Random thoughts

For some reason I cried a lot yesterday on Father’s Day. We are going on our second month of a break. It has been a nice break, I think I’m just scared of what the future is going to bring. More tests, needles, decisions, etc.

I love this weather, and it doesn’t last long enough here in WI. June – September are wonderful months. After that we get snow and cold and more snow…… it sucks. Literally 4 months of good weather. I feel this crazy pressure to do things – camping, the Island, volleyball tournaments, cookouts, beach time, etc. 4 months to get all that in before it snows. Ugh.

My running is sucking right now. I feel so tired and heavy and slow on my runs. I have no desire to train right now.

I love my husband more than anything in the world. He is so cute. My poor cat is hot right now and he tried to cool her off this afternoon. He took ice packs and put them in a insulated bag and put a pan on top of it with my cat’s favorite mouse hoping she would lay on the pan to keep cool. He is silly but cute.

Friends is my favorite TV show of all time, I’m on my 3rd episode of the night.

Yes yes yes, I will do a write up on Maine.

Thanks all, happy days.


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