Posted by: traceyhanson | October 8, 2007

Oprah show will air tomorrow

You can check out for the preview. The title of the show is “Lisa Ling Investigates: Wombs for Rent.”

We should be on near the end of the show. Just don’t know how they will edit it. Even if we aren’t, I think it was a great show and very informative.



  1. I have set my DVR. 🙂

  2. DVR is set. I am so proud of you! I know that sounds silly, but not everyone would be courageous enough to go on national television to talk about this. Nicely done Tracey!

  3. Setting the DVR now!

  4. I just finished watching the show. Very informative and very sad that the US won’t do anything about infertility. With all of our medical advances…It’s sad, it really is.

  5. Wow. Pretty cool! I saw you on there and then visited from Stirrup Queens. Great job! I thought it was a good show too. I was impressed with Alexis Stewart. I’m into horseback riding too.Best wishes to you!

  6. I saw you on there! How exciting! I got to your blog through someone else’s… We are moving on to IVF after trying for almost 2 years of IUI’s and 2 superovulation IUI cycles.Good luck to you and your husband!

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