Posted by: traceyhanson | October 10, 2007

Did you all see this?


Wow, we are completely overwhelmed with the comments, response, support and well wishes we have received today. We wanted to create awareness and I think we got a good start with Oprah today.

Thank you to everyone for your comments, prayers, support and love.

Oh, and look at what arrived today!


  1. The show was awesome! I stayed up past my bedtime to watch it. I’ll definitely be thinking of you guys and wishing well thoughts throughout your journey. Good luck with everything!

  2. Good luck with everything…I’m really praying and hoping for both of you!!

  3. Best of Luck to you both with this cycle!

  4. Looks like fun…sorta. GL!

  5. Hi Tracey!I saw you on Oprah yesterday and wondered if you blogged… Here you are!Congratulations on the show- I think you were fabulous. Thank you for speaking out on behalf of our community.I want to wish you all the best with this cycle. I really hope this is what it takes for you guys.

  6. You guys looked fab on Oprah – good luck with your IVF!

  7. That doesn’t look like very much fun, but good luck!

  8. I WISH that I could have seen it – and you! I was travelling for business and didn’t know it was going to be on, so I didn’t DVR! ARGH. If anyone still has a VCR and taped it, I will gladly pay for a copy of the tape and the shipping. I have a dusty VCR somewhere around here.

  9. Like Jessica, I stayed up late to watch but I found it kinda annoying. I didn’t feel like Oprah got it – she kept focusing on how big the guy was and the c-section she’d be having. And just the way it was all titled how women would do ANYTHING for a baby, made me feel like they were focused on the money and travel and extremes, rather than the emotion. But that’s just my bitchy take. Re you being on it, thx for doing that – for talking about it, for putting it out there. At least people are talking and that’s something.

  10. I also saw you on Oprah- good luck with your upcoming cycle. I think you’re so brave to share this with the world.

  11. I’m so sorry I missed it, but I heard you did a great job.Best of luck with your cycle–we’re all pulling for you!

  12. Good luck with your cycle, and thanks for your courage in being on the show. Every time anyone speaks the truth about infertility — how tough it is, and how hard it can be to get treatment, both financially and emotionally — I really think it helps us all.

  13. Tracey – I live in Gurnee – if you need a place to hang out – please let me know!!

  14. Good luck with the cycle.And kudos to you guys for being brave enough to go on national tv. I thought ya’ll did a great job!As Julie said, it really does help raise awareness.I couldn’t help but hope that maybe Martha or Alexis would offer you an IVF scholarship 🙂 Here’s hoping!!

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