Posted by: traceyhanson | December 27, 2007

We saw our babies yesterday

I thought it was stressful trying to get pregnant. I am just as stressed being pregnant! Some of this is probably too much info but it’s part of pregnancy. I started spotting on Christmas Day (Second time since we found out I am pregnant. First time was from first ultrasound and everything was OK). I pretty much was in a panic all day. Then it stopped at night. But I got up at 3 am to go to bathroom and it started again but worse. I sat up all night freaking out. I called my Dr. right at 9 am and they had me come in. She said my cervix was still closed but she can’t tell where it was coming from. So she sent me in for an ultrasound. I was so relieved to know I was going to see what was really going on.

We have 4 arms, 4 legs, two heartbeats going at 171 and they are both measuring exactly 10 weeks 4 days. (I’m 10 weeks 3 days). Twin A was doing flips. The Dr doing the ultrasound said I have about 4 – 5 cysts and it looks like one ruptured and that is what is probably bleeding. He could see fluid right by one of them. He said they won’t harm babies but I may experience some pain and more spotting/bleeding. I feel so much better. So freaking cool to see them big and moving around. Call me paranoid mother already.



  1. And???? How’s everything going? I hope you’re doing well!

  2. YAY for baby heartbeats. I’m glad you are doing ok.

  3. Yay for healthy babies! They are adorable already! 🙂

  4. I like the baby that does flips. 😉Congrats on healthy babies and all limbs accounted for. xoxo.

  5. Yay for healthy babies – what a wonderful thing that you got to “see” them and make sure they’re ok. I know it’s scary…but as someone told me when I was pregnant, you start worrying when you’re pregnant and it never stops from then on out. So…welcome to the club!

  6. Wonderful news!!!

  7. Yay! Tracey and Jamie… I have been praying for all of you!Love,Trisha

  8. Ok, I guess I jumped the gun before when I saw the title, but no post! Anyway, that’s SO great that you and the babies are doing well. I’m thinking of ya!

  9. Sorry to be a blog stalker but you guys have an amazing story and an ending that only one could dream of…you guys so deserve it! My husband and I will be starting IVF treatments in Jan. Our biggest question is if everything works out embyro wise…how many embyro’s do you put in you? We are thinking 3. Do you mind me asking how many you decided to have and how did you come to that conclusion? Thanks so much!

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