Posted by: traceyhanson | April 11, 2008

My daddy is finally home

My dad’s job took out of the state for the last two years. He was in TN for about 8 months and Maine the last 16. He was able to get home a lot and my mom was able to fly out and see him too, but it wasn’t the same. He had to miss birthdays, jazz in the park, watching football with me on Sundays etc. But now he is coming home. Actually he got home today. I am so excited. I feel safe again. Does that make sense? I just feel good knowing he will be home with my mom. I’m happy that he’ll be here in town to talk about and watch football with me. I’m so happy that he’ll be able to see his grand kids anytime he wants and that he’ll be home when our babies will be born. It’s just good to have our dad back.

Welcome home to Wisconsin dad!

New Years Day 2006 before my Polar Bear Plunge. He was calling me crazy.


  1. aww. thats cute. im pretty excited for your dad to be home too. he’s pretty cool! love you.

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