Posted by: traceyhanson | April 15, 2008

Update on us

I am 26 weeks pregnant today. Wow, 26 weeks have gone by fast. If I go full term, I only have 14 weeks left. The twins are moving around like crazy as I type this. I love it. Sometimes, one of them kicks or punches me so hard it takes my breath away. I just smile, it’s probably the most amazing feeling I have ever felt, although sometimes uncomfortable and painful. I feel so blessed to have these two little miracles growing inside of me.

We are making headway on the nursery. Both cribs and the dresser are assembled. We are just working on clearing out more space, putting things in storage and cleaning out the closest. 
My doctor appointments have been going well. Our last ultrasound was 2 weeks ago when I was 24 weeks. Dr said they look great an they are actually measuring ahead of schedule. I’m up to 152 lbs. That is 30 lbs over my start weight. I have never weighed that much before. It’s pretty much all belly. My blood pressure is staying low and I passed my gestational diabetes test. 
I’m slowing down and that is starting to effect work. I work in special events. Last week I had an event and ended up working 4 hours overtime in one day. That didn’t go over well. I was very sore and had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. Time to slow down and not work events like that anymore. 
Sleeping has not been going well for me. You can’t sleep on your back this far along, and I couldn’t if I tried. I can’t sleep on my side anymore. The pressure kills my stomach. I have tried every body pillow and regular pillow combination. I am at the point where I can only sleep sitting up. Last night we spent 15 minutes getting me situated in bed. That lasted 30 minutes. I moved to the papasan chair and we spent another 15 minutes putting pillows around me, supporting my back, legs and arms. I was able to sleep until 2 am (2 hours of sleep). I was crushing my tailbone too much. I then moved to the couch. I slept off and on the rest of the night. It sucks and I’m tired but whatever is best for these babies is all that matters. As long as they are comfortable. I say this is God’s way for preparing me for the no sleep that is ahead of me. 
We are getting so excited to welcome these little babies into the world. I am feeling excited, scared, overwhelmed but most of all, thankful. I just pray that I can be the best mom for these two. 
We are close on names……, they will not be Twila and Thor forever.


  1. Get yourself a good body pillow! It made all the difference for me in my second pregnancy, when I could not get comfortable enough to sleep (and had a young toddler to care for on top of that)! And yes, I agree, it is a cruel way of preparing you for the lack of sleep you will be experiencing when Twila and Thor arrive.

  2. Thaks for the update, I’m just too elated for you. Twins!!Do you know what you are having (I’m a new reader)

  3. Thanks, Tracey, for your encouragement on my blog! I am 6dp3dt, and TODAY I started to feel a bit AF-y. I am trying not to read anything in to that, given that, if the embryos are doing well, they have just started to implant.I wanted you to know that I am a twin as well- twins really do have a special bond. My mom absolutely loved having twins and you will too! I’m praying that ONE of my embryos implants, but I will feel truly blessed if BOTH of them implant. I’d absolutely love to have twins! Enjoy being pg with your twins!

  4. My OB ok’d me to take some benadryl or tylenol PM on the nights when I was very uncomfortable. I didn’t do it all the time, but it was nice to get a solid nights sleep sometimes. I’ve also heard from some people that investing in a nice lazy boy reclined is priceless for sleep while pregnant, and when the babies arrive. Good luck with the sleep! I hope you find something that works.

  5. i love reading your updates- i am glad that you are overjoyed and that you can share it with us! hope you get some more sleep- you will need it with twins! :0)

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