Posted by: traceyhanson | April 20, 2008

Day with the Bats

I was able to spend the afternoon with my sister and her family. The wonderful people that Greg works with set up a photography session with the family. Samantha Provenzano came to their house and spent a couple hours taking photographs of the family mainly focusing on Zoe. I asked her if I could steal a couple shots when she wasn’t taking pictures and she said, of course! My couple shots equals 119 pictures. It was so much fun to see all the kids interacting with each other and then putting all their attention on Zoe. She didn’t have many preemie clothes so I ran out to Babies R Us and got her the cutest pink dress by Wendy Bellisssimo and some other preemie outfits. The dress was a little big but it worked and she wore it for some of the pictures. Below are my favorite pictures……..enjoy!

I’ll have to add more later……blogger is not working


  1. What a little angel…beautiful!

  2. okay, anonymous is me, Katy:)

  3. so precious! great pictures!

  4. that was pretty fun tracey! i’m pretty excited for this weekend. 🙂 see you soon! teia

  5. I LOVE the photo of her resting on her mommy’s chest! It’s just beautiful. What a precious little girl.

  6. hi tracey.. i am so glad I found you. thank you for the kind words.. if you ever want to chat feel free to email me. I hope that you are feeling great.. I do my hourly checkup it seems on greg’s blog to check on jen and zoe… thanks again!

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