Posted by: traceyhanson | May 10, 2008

My shower

I had the best shower last weekend. I can’t believe how blessed I am with such a wonderful group of family and friends. 
My friend who hosted my shower went above and beyond and I was so touched as she opened up her house to people she has never met before. My family was there along family friends that have been a part of my life forever, friends from college and my newer group of friends that I actually met on the Internet. Everyone that attended has been a very special part of my life and have provided nothing but support and prayers through the years. 
I was completely overwhelmed and just before I started opening my presents I decided to thank everyone for being there and I completely broke down. I couldn’t get any words out. I just sobbed. I was filled with so many different emotions. 
Here are a couple pictures from the day. Otherwise you can check out all the pics here:


  1. It looks like your shower was wonderful and full of so much love. It is good to see Zoe there too! I want to wish you a most wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow as you are a mother even if you aren’t holding them yet. You will be soon!!Love, Laurie in Ca.

  2. tra….don’t forget…you don’t sparkle. you glitter! 😛 ill post my pics up from the past week. love ya.

  3. your shower looked just beautiful! isn’t it great when you have a room full of people who love and care about you so much? i’m glad zoe could be there too! i hope you had a wonderful mothers day! you are going to be one great mom! :0)

  4. congratulations.. looks like a great time. and you look gorgeous! I hope you dont mind that I now stalk your blog.. feel free to stalk mine.. its not as interesting congrats again.. have u settled on a name yet?

  5. You look great!!!!

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