Posted by: traceyhanson | June 25, 2008

36 weeks

We made it. When we found out we were having twins I just wanted to make it to 36 weeks. Many twins come earlier than 36 weeks and experience NICU time. I figured if we could make it to 36 weeks we would have little or no NICU time. Well, here we are and I’m ready for them to arrive! I’m pretty much stuck at home. My legs are huge, I’m sore, I am not sleeping and my ligaments that are holding up the babies are ready to pop. But if the babies want to stay, that’s OK, they know what’s best. 

I have also lost my appetite. I am constantly thirsty, which means trips to the bathroom every 30-60 minutes. Want to know what I had for dinner tonight? A piece of white bread (yep, white, I haven’t had white bread in years…….sorry mom, I was craving it), cheese, big glass of milk and a popsicle. I love popsicles. My husband and I started talking about how our moms use to make popsicles when we were growing up. He said that this something we will have to do for our kids. He then said, “Guess what honey, we are now going to be the tooth-fairy too.” I love how he thinks. I told him we are going to be Santa too. He replied by saying, “No, Santa is Santa.” He then asked if I thought the government funded Santa. 
Isn’t he a funny guy?


  1. I’m so happy you reached that important milestone!!! Yeaaah the twins are going to be alright!Congratulations again.

  2. Hi Tracey, I just happened to find your website while I was reading Zoe’s. This is such a good way to keep everyone informed. I can’t believe you are at 36 weeks already. You waited so long and that time has gone so fast. I know how exciting it is. Did I ever tell you that when I was pregnant with Matthew in May 2004, my water broke at Milwaukee Lutheran High School when I was there watching your brother Josh perform in “Footloose”. It was 10 minutes into the second act. Boy was that a surprise. (that was at 36 1/2 weeks)? Can’t wait to hear the big announcement? Take care and God bless you and Jamie and those beautiful babies. — Jenny Moeller (BLC)

  3. Congratulations on reaching 36! You are going to make fantastic parents and I’m so excited for you.

  4. 36 week is fantastic–great job:) I’m so excited for you!!

  5. Yay Tracey! You’re almost there. : )

  6. I here that popsicles are king when you are pregnant/in labor. My mother had to have orange popsicles while in labor with me and my sister. So excited for you :)!

  7. I hear they have arrived. Congratulations!

  8. Congrats Mom and Dad.Becky got your text message. Wow. Their birth weigh is super. How are you? Anxious to get all the details. At least this way you can go to next weeks fireworks!!!Love and prayers, Karen Fockel

  9. I heard the babies have arrived!! YAY!!!!! Welcome, Luke & Anna!

  10. Many congratulations, Tracey. I love the names, too.

  11. w00t! congrats to the new family of four. i can not wait to met them. i hope you are doing well.sheila

  12. I cannot wait for pictures. Congrats to all 4 of you!

  13. Congratulations! I also love the names!

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