Posted by: traceyhanson | July 21, 2008

I may not have time for words

This is why:



  1. Oh my! That first picture is TOO cute!!

  2. How frickin awesome! Your babies are beautiful.

  3. So so cute

  4. Oh my gosh. That is about the cutest thing ever. So beautiful.

  5. When they’re older and start the sibling fights, you will have this picture to snap them out of it. PERFECT!

  6. They are so cute!Congratulations!

  7. sooo cute! they are absolutely adorable! :0)

  8. So adorable.

  9. Anna has that “I’m sleeping and nothing matters” look as usual.I’ve really fallen in love with these babes. They have grown in just a couple of weeks.God really passes on great blessings doesnt HE?KM

  10. Stories aren’t needed when you have such beautiful photos!

  11. That first photo is too precious. What cuties. : )

  12. They are best friends from the start. I love how Luke is holding on to Anna. So darling.

  13. I absolutely LOVE the first photo. It’s truly adorable and I hope you have it framed someplace!

  14. Congrats!!! They are beautiful. God bless your new family.Jen West

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