Posted by: traceyhanson | September 8, 2008

I went for a run

I have gone running a couple times since the twins have been born. But yesterday’s run made me realize how much I love running and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give it up. I stopped running last year just before we started IVF. That was almost a year ago. It’s hard to get motivated after not running for that long. But my sweet husband got me a new Nike running watch, a pair of Nike sunglasses and I bought a new pair of Nike running shoes (no, Nike isn’t endorsing me, I wish!). 

I didn’t want to go running yesterday. I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before but I knew that I needed some exercise. 
I loaded up my ipod and and headed out the door. 

“Don’t wanna wait ’til tomorrow
Why put it off another day?
One by one, little problems
Build up, and stand in our way. …..

(Right now) Hey! It’s your tomorrow
(Right now) Come on, it’s everything
(Right now) Catch your magic moment
Do it right here and now
It means everything”

They played that song at the beginning of the 2002 Chicago Marathon. I remember having chills up and down my body. What a great feeling.

I was a little tight at the beginning. I decided to start slow and concentrate on my form. Usually when I take a lot of time off from running and start again I have to push it hard because I have a race I’m getting ready for. Well, no race in the future so I figure it would be a good time to start slow and really think of my form and start some strength training. 

I get to Prospect Ave and I have beautiful view of the lake. Lots of other runners around giving the typical nod or wave to each other

“Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted, one moment  
Would you capture it, or just let it slip?

Eminem may be weird but that song really pumps me up. I started to pick it up and it felt really good. But I made myself slow down again. 

I started thinking to myself ……what race did I want to conquer first? Just a 5k? A half marathon? I wonder if I could be ready for the Badgerland Striders Southshore Half Marathon in April. I really want to do another marathon. Is Chicago 2009 a crazy goal? 

“You have to learn to pace yourself 
You’re just like everybody else 
You’ve only had to run so far 
So good 
But you will come to a place 
Where the only thing you feel 
Are loaded guns in your face 
And you’ll have to deal with 
Pressure …..”

What a beautiful day for a run. I can’t believe summer is over and I missed a great season of running. Ugh, the hill going up to Brady Street is hard. Well, usually it’s not that hard but it is when you lost all your leg muscles. 

I finished the run hard. I wasn’t too tired. I don’t think I lost my endurance. I probably could have run for a lot longer. But I need to work on strength training. I need my muscles back so I don’t get injured. 

My goal is to run 3-4 days a week right now. I would love to run more but I have to remember that I have two little ones to take care of. So that marathon may not be next year but soon. We’ll see. 



  1. I will be there for sure to cheer you on when you decide to tackle that marathon! Way to go, Tracey!

  2. First of all, let me say congratulations on your two little miracles! They are beautiful and truly a gift from above! I must tell you, your story gives me hope! I am 25 my husband 30 and we are 16 months trying right now. We have been through a lot of if not all the same fertility tests, procedures and meds that you were on. I was even more amazed to read that I go to the same Dr’s office as you. Although, Dr. Jain is my doctor. I try to go to the Crystal Lake office when I can (an hour drive) vs the Gurnee office (over an hour and a half) but it is worth it. They are great, and have great success rates. It’s nice to find one of those success stories accidentally! We are pretty much at the point where we will have no other choice but IVF, and the cost, the hormones, the shots, all of it really freaks me out! We have been doing Clomid with the HCG injection, and one shot is bad enough! The clomid has started to cause problems with my uterine/endometrial lining however so it looks like we are headed towards IVF unless God gives us our miracle this month! I guess you do whatever it takes when you want something so bad! I am sure it is too late being September and all, but I read that a doctor in Chicago gave you a card while you were on the Oprah show, and told you they were doing free IVF with new fertility drugs/trials. If you still have that card, would you be willing to share that Dr’s information with me?I currently pass the months by pouring my love into others’ children. I started a home day care business in January, and have found it helps to put my love and energy into children even if they aren’t my own!I know you are probably very busy with the two lil angels, but I would love any advice you might have, or any other thoughts/suggestions! I too want to make awareness more known, change the insurance industry (we have no coverage for treatment) and somehow take my fertility into my own hands! Please email me at

  3. It’s just good that you are running again.Good luck with the training.

  4. it is great you are running! it’s always nice to have something that is all your own!

  5. I am always amazed by what the body can do…just think, one year ago you were hoping and praying for your miracle babies, and now they’re HERE and you get to love them nonstop and run as well.I hope one day I can have the same love of running that you do. I’m nowhere near as fast nor as talented as you, but I will try. :o)

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