Posted by: traceyhanson | September 12, 2008

Look what the twins got yesterday……

Jaime’s company gave us some gift certificates for “Ribbon – the gift of choice” and this is one of the items we picked out. It came in the mail yesterday, they love it!

Mom and I went shopping yesterday too. We went to “New to you kids too” and got some cute jeans and jackets for Anna and Luke. The jacket I got for Luke was a Ralph Lauren jacket with the tags still on it and I got it for $4.75. I also got a “Snugli” soft pack carrier for half the price! Gotta love that store. We also went to Babies R Us and got some more bottles and a monitor. That store is dangerous. Such cute clothes. 
The twins are 11 weeks and are becoming so much more alert. They are smiling and “gooing” all the time. They are also sleeping more through the night and I actually slept in my bed last night, the entire night with only a 4 am feeding. 


  1. It’s soooooo nice when you get to start sleeping in your own bed again. :o)I also love NTYK – you can find some really cute stuff there!Are you going back to work anytime soon, or are you able to stay home for a little while longer? It’s SO hard to go back!

  2. Aw, Tracey, they are so cute–and getting so big! I’ll have to check out that store–it’s right by Ryan’s work (so now I can pretend I’m coming to say hi, while really I’m in the area to shop LOL).Glad to hear all is well!

  3. Tracey,I came across your blog when searching IVF and Froedert. We are starting the IVF process through Froedert this month. We’ve been praying for an outcome with a set of boy/girl twins for many months now, so your story has been such a blessing and inspiration as we are about to begin our journey. Thanks for everything you’ve shared!On a side note, I just read your blog on your “Ribbon, Gift of Choice” gift albums. Ironically, my husband is a seller of those gift albums! They are awesome baby gifts! I’m happy to hear you found something great for your two blessings!

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