Posted by: traceyhanson | January 2, 2009

What is the focus of the blog?

When I started this blog, I was newly married, working full time and living downtown in a big city. Well, I guess you can call it big. We were very fortunate to have full time careers, many friends, the ability to come and go, take vacations, participate in sports and other activities and take part in the many events being held in Milwaukee. But my life changed through the years and so has my blog. I wanted a family and it didn’t come easy. I was very open about our infertility struggles and while it was hard to be open about our troubles, I can’t believe the support we received from so many people out “there.” It really made our journey a lot easier. And now we have been blessed with the most beautiful children. As of late, my blog has mainly been bragging about how cute the twins are. But I want the blog to be more.

Before our children were born, my husband and I were pretty much debt free (besides mortgage and car payments), we had two good jobs, we were stocking money away in savings and 401ks and we were able to have a nice dinner out, take a vacation, buy some nice clothes etc. But now we have two children and are living on one income. I have had to be creative with our food budget, kids budget and overall household budget. I’ve come across other people’s good ideas, websites, coupons and just my general ideas to make this successful.

My thoughts are to share these budget saving ideas. Not just for the kids but for an overall household. I also plan to share some of my ideas on raising two children (twins). Things that I have experienced, made mistakes on and have had success on. I would also like you to share any ideas that you have with me and the rest of the readers.

I still plan to talk about the twins (of course!), my family, discuss news etc.

I hope this is a success. Thank you loyal readers!



  1. I just recently started reading your blog, and have enjoyed catching up to current posts. The new direction sounds interesting, and I look forward to reading more! Happy New Year!

  2. I’m always on the look out for budget saving ideas, etc…so I’m interested to hear what you guys have done/are doing:)

  3. Looking forward to it!

  4. Aren’t blogs fun? They can totally morph them into whatever you feel. I can’t wait to read the budget tips!

  5. I love your blog! I am also on a budget, but we both work and barely can afford the twins cost of daycare, debt, mortgage and car payments. UGH! I need these tips! THANKS!

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