Posted by: traceyhanson | November 1, 2009

Product Review – Swiffer WetJet

I hate dirty floors but I do not like mops either. Before we moved to our house we had a small condo and the Swiffer Sweeper worked just fine. We used the dry cloths and the wet cloths.

The new house has a lot more floor and floor that needs more than the swiffer sweeper. I tried mops. All kinds of mops. First of all, mops are expensive and the replacement heads are just as expensive as the mop itself! I always wanted to try the Swiffer WetJet but I was too cheap to spend $16-18. Once I bought my first $10 mop refill for a mop that sucked, I changed my mind.

Armed with my $5 off coupon I went to Target and was thrilled to find out that the Swiffer WetJet was on sale. Yes, I bought the WetJet for the same price as a useless mop refill.

I was barely in the door and I had the WetJet assembled and started “wetjetting” my kitchen. So easy to squirt and scrub. I then continued to the living room, bathrooms, kids bedrooms and hallway. Ahhhhhh, a clean house. So easy and so fast. Love it!

Get one today! (or tomorrow)



  1. I love me some WetJet! Love it!

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