Posted by: traceyhanson | November 12, 2009

What do you think?

I have gotten some suggestions from my post below.

One is a harness.

Tell me what do you think about these? I was always under the impression that the harness was mean and awful. Or only lazy parents use them. Others are telling me I should get one cause taking twins anywhere by myself is crazy unless I have the stroller. I would actually be protecting my children from danger (running into street) and other potential harm. I understand both sides of the argument.

Just want nice and honest thoughts. Don’t be mean! Thanks!



  1. We used a bear harness during out trip to Gettysburg and Washington, D.C. We were so thankful to have it because without it Briana would have gone crazy in the stroller.


  2. We have harnasses, but have never used them. I have found that never giving my twins the freedom to run around in a store/parking lot in the first place (at that age) has worked best for us. I still make sure there is a shopping cart close to the car before getting out. If its not that kind of store, I bring the stroller, or one in a cart and the other in a back pack. They know they have to stay in the cart, etc. Also, they know they have to hold the car door handle while I unload the other twin. I will say that since we have been giving them more “freedom” it is getting harder and harder to get them in the stroller (Phil & Ted’s Sport). We HAD to use it at a Pottery Barn last week…I mean talk about a bull (or two) in a china shop! They were so whiny, but we had to order some furniture which took a while. I’m not the world’s greatest mom by any means, but the going out is just a matter of practice, practice, practice. As you do it more and more, it gets relatively easier. By the way, we bought the munchkin harnasses to literally tie them up like dogs on our dog stakes at our campsite while we put our tent up (yes, you CAN camp with toddler twins!). Luckily, there were enough adults to keep them from wandering off into the river or the campfires, that we didn’t have to use them. They were about $5 each and seem pretty straight forward if that helps. I would totally use them if I felt the need. Better than being one of “those” moms, who “woulda, coulda, shoulda…” you know. Bottom line, do what works for you and take care of yourself. I don’t run, but I would consider getting up an hour early to exercise, the extra energy would probably help. Or invest in a good doiuble jogging stroller. We recently splurged on a Schwinn bike trailer that converts to a jogging stroller. We love it, and took it on vacation with us, instead of our regular stroller. HTH!

  3. I just read your last two posts. I am so sorry you feel like this. I could have written it word for word. I have NO idea how most moms of multiples make it out of the house. I have not had this problem yet because I simply do not take them anywhere. BUT, I would not even hesitate to use harnesses if I had to. ((hugs)) You are so not alone in your feelings here.

  4. My mom used to use this when she would take my son out (to mall, etc). She was extremely hesitant for the same reasons you listed, but found that people out in public were extremely supportive. It also gave her a great sense of security to know that he could not get away from her. The one I bought was the “monkey” backpack/harness from Target. I say, GO FOR IT!!

  5. Stumbled onto your blog and I started one in wordpress recently as well. I like the side column you used that has all the blogs you follow categorized.
    I’m a mom of twins as well (19 mo.)

  6. Hi. I stumbled on your blog from another blog. parenting is so hard…it has really been helpful for me to talk about how hard it is & how I sometimes wonder what was I thinking? As far as the harness…go for it. Also, I wonder if a easy open double stroller would help unless you already have one. Do whatever works for you and your family. I actually think the harness is a good idea. It lets the kids walk & get around while also helping you to feel more secure and calm about where they are etc. Good luck!

  7. HA!! I told myself I would NEVER buy one for my baby, that’s just cruel. this is before I became a mom and mom of Twins for that matter. Mine aren’t walking yet, they just turned 12 months, but I am seriously considering it and I don’t care WHAT people ThinK!

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