Posted by: traceyhanson | January 6, 2010

Mom to Mom

I finally did it. I went to Mom to Mom. I have wanted to go since the kids were born. But I was tired, didn’t think the kids would adjust to daycare, was afraid of trying something new just had tons of excuses.

Mom to Mom is a group at my church, Brookfield Lutheran Church.

Mom to Mom is a Biblically based parenting program designed around the Titus 2:4 concept of older women teaching and encouraging younger women in their relationships with their husbands and children.

I heard wonderful things about the group and knew that there were a lot of woman who participated. I honestly feared the whole “getting the twins ready, taking them by myself to an event and putting them in daycare” thing. Ugh.

But I needed to get out and I needed to get the twins out and have them interact with other children. Another one of my “goals” for the year was to get more involved in my church.

I packed up the juice, diapers, wipes, paci’s, snacks, blankets, yada yada yada, got the twins dressed, got me dressed, brushed my teeth (I think), grabbed my coffee and purse,  found my Bible, got coats on, put shoes back on the twins, fed the cat, put another shoe back on, got the twins in the jeep and left for church. Whew.

I dropped the twins off in their daycare room. The women that took care of the kids seemed awesome. I told them Anna was going to cry, and Anna cried. I just left. I peaked in at our break and THEY WERE SO CUTE! It was snack time and all the kids were sitting at the tables with their cups and snacks. Anna and Luke looked so old and so cute. They were interacting with the other kids. I think I cried.

After that I relaxed. I got some food and refilled my coffee and enjoyed the fellowship. Wow, did I need that.

I’m pretty sure we are going back next week. YAY!!

I picked up the kids and they didn’t want to leave. I am so happy they had a good time.



  1. I feel the same way about leaving my daughter. I always feel so guilty if I want/need to do something that would put her in daycare too. It’s an awful feeling, but I try to tell myself I am a better mother when I do these things. For me, it’s usually go to the gym because it’s too cold or raining to put her in the jogging stroller.

  2. Yeah! I am glad you went and I am glad you liked it! I go to MOPS at Elmbrook Church every other Tuesday. I LOVE it! It was hard at first leaving Max in the day care area but he is fine now! I so look forward to this time. We meet in a big room and their is a speaker and then we meet in small groups after. I usually peek on Max during the break too!

    Keep going! Great job!

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