Posted by: traceyhanson | December 29, 2011

2012 Goals

I don’t think I have ever written out a list of my goals for the upcoming year. I have realized if I write out to-do lists I have a better time sticking to them. Just like when I write out my training calendar for running, I do a better time sticking to the schedule and getting my butt out the door. I recently started tracking my calories (because I have gained 20 lbs, but we’ll save that for a different time) and I have been sticking to my daily calorie goal. The fact that I have to own up to it –  even if it is just some random website – pushes me to keep to my goal.


Time to get ready for 2012:

  1. Finalize the divorce
  2. Pay off my credit card (s)
  3. Open my own savings account (even if it’s only with $25)
  4. Start contributing to my 401k again
  5. Run a half marathon by May
  6. Run the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October
  7. Start using my camera more
  8. Enlarge and frame 5 of my pictures for my house
  9. Paint my bedroom
  10. Go water skiing (it’s been 4 years)
  11. Take a cooking class
  12. Take the kids camping
  13. Enroll the kids in a sport and art class
  14. Get my library card
  15. Go the Milwaukee Public Museum by myself
  16. Treat myself to an entire day at the spa. (well, after I get a job)
  17. Attend a fundraiser/ball/gala for one of my favorite charities
  18. Take a sailing lesson
  19. Go to New York for a weekend (that might be pushing it but I sure do miss it!)
  20. See a show in Chicago

Whew, I think that is a good list.

What are your goals for 2012?



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