Posted by: traceyhanson | January 29, 2012

I have Hashimoto’s Disease…..

No, not Unagi.  (Friends reference)

Salmon Skin Roll anyone? Now I want Sushi.

Seriously. What is Hashimoto’s you ask? Well, the clinical definition according to Mayo is:

“Hashimoto’s disease is a disorder that affects your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck, below your Adam’s apple. The thyroid gland is part of your endocrine system, which produces hormones that coordinate many of your body’s activities. In Hashimoto’s disease, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, your immune system attacks your thyroid gland. The resulting inflammation often leads to a underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism). Hashimoto’s disease is the most common cause of hypothyroidism in the United States. It primarily affects middle-aged women, but also can occur in men and women of any age and in children.”

This all started 2 years ago when I had a lump in my throat. The lump ended up being a Thyroglossal duct cyst. My Doctor (very hot doctor) removed it but further testing indicated I had a Hypothyroidism and then more testing revealed…… the Hashimoto.

Seriously I want some sushi.

PEOPLE! I HAVE GAINED 25+ pounds. This is not cool. I run, lift weights count my calories. UGH

I don’t feel “fat” but I feel very bloated. The Docs say this is common and a result of the disease.

What’s next? More tests. They are testing the hormones that affect the pituitary gland and the adrenal glad. I have done a lot of research and find it so fascinating how all these hormones work together. If one isn’t doing its job, they all fail!


In other news…. I have officially signed up for the Madison Half Marathon. AND!!! I was able to cross off two of my 2012 Goals.

Whoooo hooooo! Yay me!



  1. I feel bloated and I had hyperthyroidism. Now all sort of issues have popped up…..celiac, allergies, leaky gut…..god knows when it ends 😦

    What tests have you done for bloating?

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