Posted by: traceyhanson | April 29, 2012

Very exciting (running) things are happening!

Currently I am training for the Madison Half Marathon that is taking place on May 27th. So far the training is going well. I started with a  really good base and I am making an effort to lift weights too. The long runs have been good. I have no problems with the miles or distance. I’m just very scared about my legs. When I ran Chicago way back in 2002 I injured my IT band the week before the race. I was able to complete the race but had significant pain at mile 7 that continued throughout the race.I qualified for Boston but was unable to run it.  A couple of years later when I ran a half I had the same pain at mile 10. So honestly I am very scared about that same thing happening again. But I think I training smarter than I did for those other races. I made sure I had  a good base and I have been lifting weights to increase my muscle strength.

In April I was on twitter and saw a tweet for the Nike Women’s Marathon random draw. Oh I know this race! I have always said I wanted to run this race. Come on! At the finish you are greeted by men in a tux handing you  a Tiffany’s finisher necklace.  Two things there – men and Tiffanys. But I knew that I wasn’t ready for a marathon, not this year. While checking it out I realized they had a half marathon! Without thinking about it I registered for the random draw. Then came the wait.

During the wait, a cool runner on twitter tweeted that their Ragnar Relay team needed a runner. (Notice the twitter theme.) Again without even thinking about it I tweeted back, “I can run!” And I am now part of a very cool Ragnar Relay team. I have never met anyone on my team in person but I know them from the Internets and I promise you, they are cool!

This past Thursday on my way to work I got an email, no, I got the email:

“Whether it’s your first or fiftieth race, there really is no other feeling quite like standing at the starting line.

We’re so glad that in 2012, you’ll be sharing that moment with us.

That’s right, you read that correctly. You’ve officially been selected to run in the 2012 Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. Congratulations!”

That’s right! I’m going to San Francisco in October and I am more giddy than ever.

I’m feeling pretty confident in my running again and it’s been years since I have felt this way. I am connected to some of the coolest running people around and running is just cool.




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