Posted by: traceyhanson | May 25, 2012

Remember that half I registered for?

Well, it’s on Sunday. THIS SUNDAY! I’m so nervous and excited.

First of all, there is a lot of drama going on regarding the race. It’s suppose to be hot. I mean HOT for WI in May. Madison race directors have decided to cancel the full marathon and I completely support their decision. My friend and fellow runner Krittabug has a great blog on the decision, I’ll let her speak my mind.

But any who. This isn’t a big deal. People run half marathons all the time. Some people run them every weekend. But this is a big deal for me. This is my first big/real race in  2 years. This is my second half marathon since that first one I ran back in March of 2006 and I was young and fast and didn’t have kids! (1:37) This is all different for me. I use to run in grade school and then high school and then in college. Every single weekend there was a race. But now, it took a lot of courage to 1. Accept that I will never be that fast again, 2. Train for something other than a 5k or 10k and 3. Accept the fact that, OMG, I’m old.

Is the heat bothering me? No, not really. I love the heat and I usually have been able to compete well in the heat. On my run tonight I was laughing about some of our races in college and all the different weather we have dealt with.  Remember at TAC Nationals when we ran in a foot of snow? Or how about the time we ran at North Central in 30 degrees on a Friday and exactly 1 week later at the same location it was 90….. oh and that 10k started at 11:30 pm. This is a good one, my first 10k was at Carthage in a 40mph headwind (OK, maybe not that bad). Oh, oh,oh, and that one time in CA we ran the 5k at about 95 degrees, all 30 of us on a small track cause they didn’t want to run a semis!? LOVE! MISS!!

What is my goal Sunday? Well duh, just to finish. Before the heat I wanted to run under 2:00 hours. I would have been thrilled with 1:50. But I’m going to go out conservative and pick it up from there. Once I finish I will call Coach and ask him for my adjusted time cause Coach has a formula.

But most of all? I’m just excited to be back. Running. Feeling like a runner again. And meeting cool running people and establishing new friendships cause we all know….. Runners rock.




  1. Tracey, I always love reading your posts. Lots of comments…first one, YOU ARE NOT OLD!!!!!!!! Second, you can be fast again, just believe. I believe in you. Third, the heat is your friend. It will work WITH you while its working against others. Fourth, I feel you are going to go sub-2 hrs on Sunday. Enjoy your You time this weekend, you certainly are deserving of it. Have fun!!!!!!

  2. Hey, Tracey. Wishing you the BEST! The training alone is commendable! Hope you have a GREAT run. If I can make it to the course to cheer you on, what will you be wearing?? ENJOY. Much respect, runner!

  3. Thank you Robin! Your words mean so much.
    Lara!! Thank you. I will be in a pink tank and black shorts with a white hat. Would love to see you.

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