Posted by: traceyhanson | October 10, 2012

Quick update and my next race

Recently a friend texted me, “You haven’t updated your blog, since when do you have nothing to day?” Me? Nothing to say? Never. I’ve just been busy. It has been one of the best summers and when I get home I am completely exhausted and unable to form any comprehensive thoughts. Oh wait, it’s not summer anymore. Its fall and the Packers are 2-3 and I’m not happy. Was that a lane change?

So, what is new?

I got a new job. Actually, I feel like I have a start to an awesome career. In my head there is a difference between a job and a career. A job is a place to go to and make money. A career is something you love to do and still make money. Yes?

My new “career” is Assistant Brand Manager – Sports. Part of my job description? Be a sports freak. Watch sports. Keep up on sports news. If you know me at all you know this is something I do every day. Like my friend Ali said (and quoted Phoebe) “It’s like the mother ship calling you home.” Yes, that it is. I’ve been at it for two months and I love it.

The kids and I kept very busy this summer – Zoo, Summer Sounds, parks, beach, play dates, birthday parties and late nights out on the deck. They amaze (oh boy, there is that overused word) me every day.  They spent two days a week with my sister and their cousins and three days at Grow & Go/Trinity Lutheran where they went on about 6 different field trips. Their brains have sponged up so much information and they surprise me with some of their questions or conversations every day. Like this one for example:

“Mom I’m not afraid of storms any more cause Jesus is making the storms for us to watch and listen to.” – L

Or the sassiness of my little girl:

“Mom, he just makes me angry because he frustrates me!” – A (talking about her brother)

The two of them have turned into the biggest loves of all. They are such loving kids. They give hugs to their teachers, their friends, the Pastors at church; and the best thing in the entire world is when they come up to me and say, “Mom, I just want a hug.” My best mornings are when they both climb in bed with me to snuggle and wake me up with “I just love you mom.”

I have slacked off in the running department this summer. After the half in May and Ragnar Relay in June, I decided to take it easy and keep the miles low. In August I picked up the miles again because, oh yeah, I’m running another half in October! Remember way back in April when I was picked out of the random draw to run the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco, CA? In July I decided I wasn’t going to run it. I had a hard time justifying the expense. After I got the new job and a little nudging from friends, I took on the mentality of “live life” and booked the trip. I’m keeping it a short weekend but it will be nice to see CA again. Ahem….. it’s this weekend! Ack! It snuck up too fast. We leave Friday (me and the boyfriend. Boyfriend? I’ll save that for another day) and come back Monday.

Goal? Finish the race and have fun. I know I’m not in shape to run 1:51 like I did in May, which I will just accept. Add that to the fact that I will be running up mountains (did you see the elevation charts?!?) I will just take one mile at a time. As long as I finish and get my little blue Tiffany box with the coveted Tiffany/Nike necklace. I excited to run in a different city/state and along the ocean. Wait, what? In the 29 years I have been running, I have not run a race along the ocean? My most favorite place in the entire world!?

I’ll post race results and pictures when I get back!



  1. Well COOL, I didn’t realize you had a blog, so I’m glad your friend sent you that text!
    I’m going to agree with you on the difference between job and career. That’s really great that you’ve started a career that you’re excited about.
    And really great that you went ahead to run the Nike Women’s half!

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