Posted by: traceyhanson | December 19, 2012

Nike Half Marathon – Old news

Remember that time I ran that half marathon in San Francisco? Two months ago? No update, I suck.

We (Me and the man) got out to SF Friday afternoon. Had a great lunch in Union Square and then picked up my race packet. Union Square was completely dedicated to the Nike Half/Full Marathon. It was pretty awesome.

We did a lot of walking around Friday afternoon/night in the Fisherman’s Warf and might have had a couple too many drinks at the hotel bar that night watching the MLB playoffs.

Saturday we did more “tourist” things and spent 90 minutes out in the Bay learning about the history of San Francisco. I started to get really nervous as the day went on. I just kept telling myself…. Just finish the race, just finish.

I woke up right on time the morning of the race and jogged over to the starting line about 1 ½ hours before the race. I heard that for this race you want to get in your spot early. It was dark, misty, foggy and for me, perfect running weather. I dropped off my bag and got my place. I met so many amazing women around me. Two people I started with were breast cancer survivors. Wow, just wow.

By time the gun went off the sun was just starting to rise. I went out slow, relaxed and calm; and I felt great. Once we got out to the coast, I was really relaxed and knew I was going to finish.  It was weird, I had trained more for my half in May and yet I felt so much better during this race. This race went so much faster. It was so foggy and misty. Yes, the hills were so hard. The hardest I have ever run. We couldn’t see anything except the hills as they got longer and harder. I kept telling myself, we are all in this together. We are all running this mile long hill! But I just looked down, took little steps and shook it all out at the top. The downhill made up for it. I felt so strong the last three miles. I wish I went faster but I was thinking there was another big hill and I was saving my energy. The last three miles were the best. We were in the park and it was fast. I ran the last couple miles with a couple 18 year olds. This 39 year old was proud.

I cried when I cross the finish. I needed it. I felt great. It was very overwhelming; especially when I was able to get my little Tiffany box.

I finished 110th place out of 2331 in my age group (35-39).





Starting line


Tour of the Bay


Macy’s in Union Square

1- 9:13
2 – 8:32
3 – 8:35
4 – 8:41
5 – 8:28
6 – 8:43
7 – 9:58 (first hill!)
8 – 8:08 (and down!)
9 – 9:46 (second hill)
10 – 8:35
11 – 9:06
12 – 9:18
13 – 8:36 (this was 1.1 – missed the “13” mile sign)



  1. I NEED to do this race!! It’s on my top list!

  2. […] I did run another half and it was so much fun. After the race in October, I feel like I could make the half “my race” for a couple of […]

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