Posted by: traceyhanson | December 27, 2012

Review of 2012

Time for the reality check. Let’s see how I did with my 2012 goals:

  1.  Finalize the divorce
  2. Pay off my credit card (s)
  3. Open my own savings account (even if it’s only with $25)
  4. Start contributing to my 401k again
  5. Run a half marathon by May
  6. Run the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October – Ran a half instead. I realized that a marathon will not happen for a couple more years.
  7. Start using my camera more – I finally got my battery charged. Now there is an error message I need to fix.
  8. Enlarge and frame 5 of my pictures for my house – FAIL! But my sister gave me a beautiful frame with the kid’s picture. 
  9. Paint my bedroom – FAIL! But I hung up my running medals. 
  10. Go water skiing (it’s been 4 years) – FAIL! – Went tubing instead.
  11. Take a cooking class – FAIL! But I tried a lot of new recipes.
  12. Take the kids camping – FAIL! I camped by myself in the man’s backyard. 
  13. Enroll the kids in a sport and art class – Only got them in Piano class
  14. Get my library card – FAIL! But I did read 6 books on my Kindle.
  15. Go the Milwaukee Public Museum by myself – FAIL!
  16. Treat myself to an entire day at the spa. (well, after I get a job) – FAIL! I got a new job, but no spa day. But I got a really good job after the first job I needed in January. I got a better job in August. In sports. Although this is a fail, I see it as a positive. 
  17. Attend a fundraiser/ball/gala for one of my favorite charities – FAIL! At least I was able to give some money to favorite charities. 
  18. Take a sailing lesson – FAIL! I watched sail boats!?
  19. Go to New York for a weekend (that might be pushing it but I sure do miss it!) – FAIL! I looked at airfare. 
  20. See a show in Chicago – FAIL! I thought about it.

So, yeah, well ok, that doesn’t look good.  Yes, the top four are money related and big steps to getting back on track;  and yes, I ran my half in May and was very happy with my time etc. But after that, well, it’s a major fail.

Although, I would like to defend the full marathon. As I was training for the half marathon I realized I did not have the time and commitment I needed to train for a full marathon. Between my kid’s schedule and the new demanding full-time job, it wasn’t going to happen. Once the kids are and more independent I will be able to train for a full marathon again.

But I did run another half and it was so much fun. After the race in October, I feel like I could make the half “my race” for a couple of years.

Even though there are a lot of “fails” on my list, I am very happy with 2012. My running got back on track, I have strengthened some very important friendships, discovered some new “things” about me, met an amazing man and had the best times with my “babies” Anna and Luke.

Goals for 2013 to follow!


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