About me

1. I’m part Polish, and German, French, Scottish and Irish.
2. I was born in Milwaukee
3. I was 10 lbs when I was born
4. I currently live in Mequon
4. I currently live in Cedarburg
5. I lived in Muskego growing up
6. I lived in VA when I was two
7. I swam in the ocean naked
8. I wish I still lived in VA
9. I hate dislike winter (I was reminded that hate is a bad word)
10. I hate dislike snow, it makes me cry
11. I have been running since 5th grade
12. I couldn’t run a mile
13. I have run one marathon
14. I thought it was easy
15. I loved it and wish I could run more
16. I ran in high school and was All-State
17. I ran in college and was All-American and National Champion
18. My 5k personal best is 17:30
19. I play the flute
20. I like to sing in our church Praise Team
21. I wish my voice was better
22. I was a cheerleader in grade school and part of high school
23. I couldn’t do the splits
24. Still can’t
25. I have a cat
26. She is the head of the house
27. She was from the Humane Society
28. Her name is Jackie
29. I’m married
29. I’m divorced
29. a. I have a great boyfriend.
 30. I’ve been married for 5 years
31. We got married on Washington Island
31…. ok
32. I have worked in Marketing, PR and Event Planning
33. Currently I am a stay at home mom
33. Currently I work as an Executive Assistant for 3 shareholders at an accounting firm.
33. I am currently an Assistant Brand Manager in Sports. I have to pay attention to sports all day long. Best job.
34. I wish I was a college coach
35. And athletic academic counselor
36. My new hobby is cooking
37. I want to take cooking classes
38. I love sushi
39. And cheese
40. And red wine
41. I don’t like watching movies
42. I did in the 80’s
43. Top Gun was my favorite movie
44. But I don’t like Tom Cruise now
45. ESPN is my favorite channel
46. I love football
47. My dad and I talk football all the time
48. We are the only ones in the family that like football so much
49. He is a Lion fan though
50. Oh that’s about my dad, not me
51. I, of course, love the Green Bay Packers
52. Brett Favre is my favorite athlete
52. Clay Matthews is my favorite athlete
53. I would love to have a beer with him
54. I met Michael Johnson (400 meter record holder)
55. I have a picture of me and Carl Lewis
56. I’d list other Olympic runners I have met but you probably wouldn’t know them
57. I met Mary Lou Retton
58. I wanted to be a gymnast
59. But I was told I was too big
60. I believe in God
61. I’m “Lutheran”
62. But I prefer the term Christian
63. I went to Lutheran grade school and high school
64. I love the church I belong too
65. I have one brother and one sister
66. I was diagnosed with Osteochondritis dissecans in high school
67. In other words, a hole in my talus bone
68. I had three ankle surgeries to correct it (1990, ’91 and 2000)
69. My last surgery they took bone on of my knee to graft in talus
70. I have two screws in my ankle
71. The surgery worked
72. After each surgery I was told I could and would never be able to run again
73. I proved them wrong
74. I have twins
75. No, twins do not run in the family
76. We did IVF
77. We were on the Oprah show talking about IVF
78. We met Oprah after the show and have a picture with her
79. IVF was physically and emotionally draining
80. But it was totally worth it
81. The twins are now 16 months
81. The twins are  3 1/2 4!  4 1/2 years old
82. I started working part-time as a server at a catering company
83. I like the people I work with and it’s fun to get out
84. Sometimes I miss working full time
84. Back to working full-time
85. I talk to my mom every day
86. I have a crazy family and we have a lot of fun when we are together
87. I wish we could all just move to a warmer state
88. I would love to live by the ocean
89. I love heat and humidity
90. I love animals
91. I hate (YES HATE) people who abuse animals (This is appropriate to use the word hate)
92. Sometimes I like animals more than people
93. I cry a lot
94. It’s a good stress reliever
95. So is running
96. Did I mention I love to run?
97. I love my friends
98. I love to meet new people
99. I wish I could travel more
100. I want to run the Nike Women’s Marathon in CA

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