What is a Frontier Fartlek?

First of all, what is a Fartlek?

“A fartlek means literally “speed play” in Swedish. Fartlek can be considered as a form of speedwork.

Fartlek is characterized by its informality. A typical example of a fartlek would be to run hard to the next telephone pole, slow down, then pick another object and run hard until you reach it, and so on. Essentially, fartlek is throwing in bursts of controlled speed into the middle of your workout. Fartlek can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it. There are no set distances — fartlek is by nature loose and informal. Fartleks are a good way for new runners to begin experimenting with speedwork.

Fartleks are similar in training functions to running more formal intervals; however whereas intervals are often done on a track and involve set distances / times, fartleks are often done on the road or even trails and don’t involve any set distance or times for the burst of speed or for the recovery period.” Runners World Wiki

What is a Frontier Fartlek?

A bunch of crazy runners wearing old clothes and go for an hour run off the normal running course. They get muddy, wet, scratched, might bleed, might fall down, but most of all, they have fun. Sometimes the pace if fast, sometimes it is slow. Thus the whole Fartlek.

Why in the world is my blog named  “My Frontier Fartlek?”

Because I think life is just like a frontier fartlek. It can be fast, it can be slow. But there can be days where I get muddy, wet, scratched, bleed, fall down (and cry) but I get back up again and have fun.



  1. I love your new look! I came upon your website while looking for info. and bloggers on infertility. I have been a follower since you started IVF. We have that in common. Also our age. Also our love for our crazy families and being close with them and our Mom’s. Also our love for football but mine is more college, esp. Michigan Wolverines and I know they suck this year! My hubby and I have been trying to have a family for over 6 years, many drugs, tests, surgeries, exams, accupuncture, 5 IUI’s and 1 IVF. We are going to use our frozen embryos for FET next month. We are very excited and hopeful but yet we remain reserved because we have learned you can’t control everything in life. As much as we want a family we have learned through our journey that we are so blessed in so many other ways and we are thankful. I enjoy your blog and reading of the twins and your daily life with them. You are very blessed (as you know!) and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with the blogging world. I really think if we lived by each other we may be good friends! Take care and enjoy each day as it comes :o)

  2. I am always searching for recent articles in the WWW about this theme. Thankz!

  3. Hi Tracey,
    I came across your blog – I lost touch with several after I left the knot boards. You helped me with a lot of running questions (as well as wedding stuff…but the running was way more fun). Just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration back then – you helped get someone started!

    From 5k to Ironman – thank you!
    -Marci (labadger)

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